I Love You, Daddy ★★½

Louis C.K. offers up a profane parody of sophisticated comedy, both those in the Woody Allen vein and those studio works from the '30s and '40s that Allen so often draws upon. Casting himself as the hopeless doofus whose old-school morality is out of step with a world that's convinced itself that such things are beneath them, he crafts a tale that can't help but be read as personal apologia. The main narrative throughline here is utterly savage, Oedipalizing the title as the protagonist's daughter (Chloe Grace-Moretz) begins to spend time with a film director with a suspected pedophile past (John Malkovich, perfectly slimy). In a film that does much to ape Manhattan stylistically, this backhanded homage does much to address our complicated relationship to Allen's life and work, yet the film's ultimate shrug towards the issues that it raises ("Everybody's a pervert!... who cares?") is sure to rile because it's so blantantly self-serving. Most of the subplotting is an undercooked, unfunny distraction from this, giving the script the feel of an underdeveloped first draft.