Jason Bourne ★★½

So much effort in these films, for what essentially amounts to narrative stasis. Even more than in the other films in the series, this entry’s cycle of Bourne surfacing, being spotted, and escaping capture grows tiresome. Control rooms are the bane of much contemporary blockbuster cinema, and here Greengrass uses them in a vain effort to establish continuity that his on-the-ground directorial agitations fail to. Alicia Vikander, for the first half of the film, employs a vaguely accented, well-enunciated voice that resembles nothing so much as a GPS robot’s, explaining every move made by the men tracking Bourne, straining to lend direction to the general incoherence. Damon barely speaks at all, verging on strong, silent parody. Near the end, an exasperated CIA head says “We’re still trying to establish a narrative for what happened.” This feeling is likely to be echoed by many in the audience, despite the relative simplicity of the plot. Mildly exhilarating, mostly exhausting.