Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

In retrospect, Death Proof feels like the key text for understanding late-period Tarantino. That film's structural rewriting of its first half with its second has provided the moral template for most of his films to follow. Tarantino's downright Deleuzian conception of cinematic time comes through strongly here. His faith in the medium to reconfigure history takes its most touchingly sentimental form to date in this unlikely, deeply philosophical buddy movie. In retrospect, outcries about the initial intention to release this on the anniversary of the Manson murders seem incredibly misplaced. This film's elegiac gesture... its faith in the power of imagination... could hardly be more deeply felt. That so much of that faith is prefigured throughout the build-up to the third act (as genre bleeds into real life, as doubles are made to co-exist, as time weighs down upon these characters, and as the act of make-believe becomes a soul-defining pursuit) only became apparent to me on a second viewing.

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