Aliens ★★★★

I thought this movie was fun and good. but there's a really interesting story about how James Cameron pitched ALIENS: Apparently he entered the room silently, walked up to the chalkboard, wrote "ALIEN," added an S to the end, and then drew two vertical lines so it would read "ALIEN$." They green lit it on the spot. And then James Cameron added more letters below the dollar sign, spelling out the word "$POONS." Everyone scratched their heads in confusion, not sure why he added that. He pretty much had the pitch in the bag, why did he keep going. Then he kept going AGAIN for some reason, adding letters to the side of the S in $POONS. He wrote SPANK. Then he looked up at the executives expectantly. Ultimately one of the executives just said "That's cool. I didn't know you could do that...awesome, man."