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  • Catch Me Daddy

    Catch Me Daddy


    I didn’t even know honor killing was a reality, much less a kind of tradition. This film follows Laila, a young Pakistani girl living in Scotland. Her father wants her back and she refuses to leave. He sends a group of thugs to track her down. It’s a wonderful combination of Malick-esque mood winding and the brakeneck LSD color trip of a Safdie Brothers film. I’m bummed it was never released in the US. Enjoy.

  • Heat


    I first “saw” Heat at a pizza place where they play old VHS movies on the TV without audio. I couldn’t for the life of me stay present in the conversation I was in, constantly distracted by what I saw on the screen. If a film could grab my attention that much without even hearing it, I had to find out why. Packed with action and an intense power play between De Niro and Pacino. There are no good guys and bad guys, just bad guys.

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  • Take What You Can Carry

    Take What You Can Carry


    Realism, but not the mumblecore/Duplass-esque type by any means. Young, conscious adults, confused and frustrated with the world around them seems to be Porterfield niche. One might criticize this and "I Used To Be Darker" for being devoid of any real "story" but does he owe this to us? I thought this film to entirely beautiful just as it is. Thanks, Matt, for bringing us this little glimpse into her life.

  • Meadowland



    Gut wrenching to watch the internal suffering in this film but well worth it. Exceptional acting and of course, beautiful cinematography. Not a bad soundtrack either. Morano proves she means business. Highly anticipating her next.