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  • Soul



    A spiritual sequel to 'Inside Out', insofar as it teaches a lesson which isn't just what we need to hear, but directly opposed to the usual aphorisms of popular media. Here, it's that pursuing your dreams with a single-minded zeal to the exclusion of everything else isn't the way life should be lived.

    The Pixar team's hyper-real, lavish recreation of NYC isn't just a tech showcase, but submitted as evidence for the film's message, and juxtaposed with the literally two-dimensional…

  • Supernova



    Not ashamed to say I shed a small tear at the conclusion of this. Firth and Tucci are marvellous as a long-term couple staring into an abyss: one waiting to be pushed into it, and one ready to jump.

    Writer-director Harry MacQueen's script is precise and hard-hitting: it stumbles a little when reaching for poetry, but when it summons anger, hurt and unconditional love, it soars. A furious monologue from Firth is the white-hot core of the film.