The Killing ★★★★

Kubrick does a Heist film. I remember liking this more the first time I saw it, but it still rates a 4 out of 5 for me.

This film is not as gritty as "Killer's Kiss", but still has all the hallmarks of classic film noir. What's the most fun about The Killing (wel, aside from the clown mask) is seeing the meticulousness(?) of young Kubrick. You can tell that every shot is planned and framed perfectly. Every time an object is placed in front of another, every time a picture on the wall enters the frame, every time a person moves just so, is for a reason.

The favorite story arc for me - all of the members of the heist team had a storyline - was that of the femme fatale and her wimpy boyfriend. It was very cliche, but classic at the same time.

The ending was of course limited by the standards of the production code, but I felt that it was fitting in this movie. The last line that Sterling Hayden utters is the perfect ending.