Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ★★★★★

I honestly have no time for all those folk who get hung up on this because of the accents and the geographical inaccuracies and so forth, and refuse to take it for what it truly is.
It's a glorious piece of blockbuster entertainment - an unabashed, old school piece of high adventure marshalled by a severely undervalued director who knows how to deliver a majestic action sequence of bombast and beauty; the finale itself is a massive, multilayered piece full of kinetic energy, awesome hero shots, great performances and huge emotion ("Is she worthy it?" "Worth dying for?").
And Michael Kamen's score is a high point and then some. It is, for me, one of the greatest movie scores of all time.
Christian Slater's decision to bring 1980s 'Cali-skater-boi' douchery to medieval England may be a bum note, but otherwise the performances are a joy to indulge in: Costner is solid and stoic, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is a completely bewitching, gorgeous delight and Alan Rickman? It's too dismissive to describe what he does here as "panto". It's something so much more than that. It's its own thing entirely and something lesser actors have been trying to emulate without success since.
Too many spend too long mocking the film's earnestness without appreciating the huge level of entertainment and spectacle it offers alongside that easily mockable component - it's a rich, surprisingly funny, action-packed joy; one of the greatest movie blockbusters of all time!

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