Captain Marvel ★★★

BOOM, Captain Marvel! Well what better way to have celebrated National Women’s Day? While I do appreciate this film for the obvious messages that are conveyed throughout in regards to them showing off the strength of women and their willingness to keep going and never giving up, etc, I also can’t ignore the aspects that kinda threw me off. It came off as a bit too preachy at times, and aside from the fact that Marvel has finally given us a film with a strong female protagonist (which isn’t something that should go unnoticed imo) I don’t see that there’s much separating this from many of the other films in the series and that’s probably my biggest gripe. I was never bored watching this but I wasn’t being blown away at any point either, it felt a lot like I’ve seen movies like this before. Also Brie Larson’s performance at times was a bit underwhelming for me. There were points where I would just be rolling my eyes; i.e. the montage where they show Carol being criticized and made fun of by men, it just felt soo cheesy. The “fish out of water” narrative in the film is something we’ve seen done not just in other films in general, but other films in this franchise as well, with the Thor movies. For some reason though, I found it a bit more lighthearted and likable in this instance. Ultimately, I thought this was a fine addition to the series and I’m hype af for Endgame!

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