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  • For Elise

    For Elise


    A foreign version of Misery that happens to be disturbing!

  • Pink Flamingos

    Pink Flamingos


    John Waters you sick fuck 😂no but seriously I hate this movie, this is one of those movies that people try to tell me that I don't get it. The thing is there is nothing to "get" the movie is disgusting and that's what it's only purpose was, the acting and writing are beyond awful and the final scene don't even get me started....

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  • The Belko Experiment

    The Belko Experiment


    I might be alone on this but I seriously thought this movie was extremely well written, the acting I have to say I was shocked it  wasn't bad either and I thought the premise was absolutely well executed. A lot of people say this is like Battle Royal I honestly think it's a lot like REC but minus the zombies mixed with Saw but the results are a badass movie and one of my favorite movies of the year!

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    Absolutely incredible, extremely well made, well acted and actually manages to do something better than the original! Definitely my favorite live action Disney movie yet...