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  • There's Something Wrong with the Children


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  • JUNG_E



    JUNG_E is directed by Yeon Sang-ho directed of Train To Busan, The King Of Pigs, Psychokinesis and a few others. And unfortunately it’s disappointing to hear this but, there just isn’t a whole lot to say about JUNG_E. 

    I will say that it is an improvement over Peninsula that honestly doesn’t mean much when you remember just how disappointing Peninsula was, JUNG_E nails it when it comes to the more emotional dramatic moments that Sang-ho uses in a lot of…

  • There's Something Wrong with the Children

    There's Something Wrong with the Children


    There’s Something Wrong With The Children is a new creepy kid movie, I’ve said before on my Top 25 Best Horror Films Of 2022 list that I’m not a huge fan of this subgenre of horror. Every now and then you get some really good ones but a lot of the time they end up being the exact same thing. Unfortunately that is the very case with There’s Something Wrong With The Children.

    The positives come from certain shots actually…

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  • Lava



    Y’all are pressed over a singing Volcano.

  • The Silence

    The Silence

    What happens when you take A Quiet Place, Bird Box and half of The Mist Remake and then tack on objectively the worst horror movie director working today John R. Leonetti and then mixing it with two writers who wrote some Asylum films and Chernobyl Diaries? You get one of the worst movies of the year, before anyone says “the book came out before A Quiet Place” yes I know that but the only reason why this movie was released…