All Creatures Here Below ★★★½

As of right now this year has not been very kind to VOD movies at all, with every one good one there’s at least ten bad ones. So it’s really refreshing when you end up watching one that surprises you, All Creatures Here Below has some really great performances from Karen Gillan and David Dastmalchian both of them really do give a strong performance. The writing is interesting, there are a few missteps here and there but for the most part the movie does a solid job at what it’s trying to convey. I think the biggest flaw this movie has is the last act, it felt like they were trying to shove everything at the last minute for no reason at all. The movie does actually have a few disturbing moments that are quite powerful, but I feel like the last act really destroyed some of the effect due to rushed it was. Overall it’s definitely one of the better VOD movies so far this year, it might not be a perfect movie but it is a very interesting watch! 

7/10 B