How on earth is John Murlowski still finding work? If you don’t know who he is consider yourself very lucky, he’s directed some straight to DVD dog movies, some pretty terrible thrillers/horrors and he’s done Amityville A New Generation. Yes that’s right the one that has arguably one of the worst lines in a horror movie “God damn paint slapping bitch” so how this guy is still directing movies in 2019 is a mystery. Anyway enough about that, Assimilate is basically a huge ripoff of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, only that the main leads are cliched characters with little to no personality and there you go. It’s seriously one of the laziest movies I’ve seen so far this year and that’s saying a lot, the acting is terrible, the writing is predictable and feels way too basic, the movie itself has this very ugly TV movie feel to it which really gets distracting and really shows how little effort was put into this movie. The only thing I can give this movie is that like a lot of John Murlowski’s movies there’s some unintentional hilarious moments that are pretty hilarious. Other then all of that there is really not much else to say about this movie, as I said before it’s basically Invasion Of The Body Snatchers except it’s horrendous. 

1/10 F