Blindspotting ★★★★★

Blindspotting is one of the most underrated movies so far this year, I seriously can’t believe how underrated this movie is. First off the thing this movie does a magnificent job in is the filming, there are some beautifully well done shots in this movie that really left me stunned, the acting is top notch Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal do a fantastic job together and give very realistic performances and some of the strongest I’ve seen so far this year. The writing is both serious and funny, the movie does an amazing job of balancing the two out which leads to some very powerful moments that are very meaningful. The character development is also very strong, it does a great job of showing both character’s troubles and shows why the way they are. The screenplay helps with that, it’s not only fantastic but emotionally invoking. It’s one of those rare movies where you really hope things go well for the main character, overall Blindspotting is a powerful film that highly recommend checking out as soon as possible. I’m very excited to see what Carlos Lopez Estrada has in store next because this was impressive!

In My All Time Favorites A+

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