Booksmart ★★★★★

Booksmart is what happens when you take Superbad and Lady Bird then turn it into something of your own. I expected this to be good, but not anywhere near as good as it was! First off Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein have absolute perfect chemistry, this is quite honestly some of the best chemistry I’ve seen for awhile now. Both of them are hilarious and really well acted as well, but another person who should really be getting a lot of credit is Billie Lourd. She’s absolutely hilarious and her character is just so likable, she really does do a fantastic job in her role and this is easily one of her best. The writing was absolutely well done, not only is there hilarious jokes there’s also tons of character moments, that really add to the character development to make the characters feel more relatable. Speaking of which there are tons of things in this movie that I feel like the audience will remember from high school or relate too. The humor is absolutely perfect, I haven’t laughed throughout a movie in a long time, so for a movie to make me laugh throughout is quite a accomplishment. The movie also does have a heart and the execution is just done beautifully. I also really love the balance of the humor and the character development while keeping both of them very strong. Overall Booksmart is one of the most hilarious films I’ve seen in a long time if not the most hilarious, while at the same time it’s one of the best films of the year that highly recommend going out to see.

10/10 A+