Drunk Parents

One of the most painful watches so far this year, the movie is pretty much as bad as the trailer. Alec Baldwin plays the typical asshole character that has no likability and isn’t interesting at the slightest. Salma Hayek is quite terrible here, it’s not necessarily her fault mostly due to just how horrendous the writing is and for whatever reason later in the movie she’s just used for slapstick. The writing feels like nobody had a train of thought and just scribbled down anything that they could come up, the humor is what completely makes this movie fall apart...it’s just not funny. Most of the jokes are either Salma Hayek getting hit, tripped or falling over and just unfunny jokes that were awkward. The chemistry between Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek is nonexistent it’s awkward and completely fails on every level, something I haven’t mentioned yet is what this movie feels like. It feels like it was supposed to be released back in the early 2010s when there loads of unfunny comedies but somehow got released in 2019, there really isn’t much else to say. It’s a typical horrible comedy that has one or two tolerable scenes otherwise the movie is waste of time and I wouldn’t recommend watching this one.

1/10 F