Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★★

Yes this is real I'm not going to change it in 2 hours and say "what was I thinking giving it my highest score?" I honestly thought this was Marvel's best they have had in the last couple years, ever since the first Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel has really struggled Age Of Ultron was a fun time with friends but then you slowly realize how trash the movie is, Ant Man was great but nothing I would hold on a pedestal (the villain was awful In that movie). Civil War is really overrated and just wasn't really great and Doctor Strange was way too generic. So I was pretty darn scared for this movie but luckily James Gunn had 100% control of this movie and it delivered. The guy has already impressed me once this year and he did it again, some people may say to me "well some of the jokes were bad heck they had a shit joke" well for me the movie wasn't about the jokes at all I mean sure they played a big role but this movie was more of a character study and showing how James Gunn knows how to develop characters. Plus I'm not going to let 2-4 jokes ruin this movie for me it would be so much different if the movie was either not funny at all or if it had that god awful Marvel humor that has been in the last couple films. Plus I feel like this was so much different than a lot of Marvel films (I know people kept saying Doctor Strange was much different but trust me this is the movie that was much different). The movie actually gave development, was emotional, it actually had a heart (which really surprised me). Also another thing Marvel movies suck at that this movie did excellent at is it had a great Villain yep usually Marvel and a good villain don't work in the same sentence but here it does. We actually got a backstory and the purpose of the villain, this won't be a villain you see in the movie and then after viewing you will immediately forget who the villain was. Overall I really hope Marvel continues down this path and doesn't screw it up because I see a lot of potential. Here's to hoping Spider-Man Homecoming is good!

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