Mia and the White Lion

So for the longest time I actually read this as “Mia the White Lion”  but it honestly doesn’t matter what this movie is called because it’s horrible. This is the second “human bonds with *insert animal here*” movie (unless I’m missing something.) first we got A Dog’s Way Home, now we have this movie and in a couple weeks (at the time this was written) we are going to get a third one called A Dog’s Journey. Anyway I’m getting sidetracked funnily enough this movie suffers some of the exact same problems as A Dog’s Way Home does, only that I would say this movie is worse but we will get to that in a bit. First off the movie has Lascia Ch’io Pianga which was in Antichrist, sure it was for about 10 seconds but it’s still baffling how a movie like this could have something like that in it. Also it appears twice throughout the movie, it just confuses me that out of any song they could have went with why that one? I’m well aware Antichrist did not invent that song, but that’s one of the major reasons why that song got popular....okay I promise this is the last time I’ll get off topic, anyway the movie itself feels like it was shot like a TV movie. The acting is complete garbage, the same can be said for the writing some of the lines in this movie are just so out there I actually started laughing. Which I know I shouldn’t be because the message of this movie does mean well, but like A Dog’s Way Home this movie feels very mean spirited out of nowhere for no reason at all. But I would argue that this movie is much more mean spirited than A Dog’s Way Home, mostly because that almost every scene has the parents yelling at the main protagonist and there’s this one scene towards the end that is just so unbelievable how anyone who worked on this movie thought it would be a good idea to include. I really don’t know what else to say about this movie, the message definitely means well I guess but it’s ruined by the horrible acting, the dreadful writing, the TV movie feel and it just being very mean spirited. This is one that I recommend to stay the hell away from, unless you are only it for the cute lion.

1/10 F