Overlord ★★★½

Wolfenstein finally gets a film....just kidding It’s Overlord but the movie reminded me a lot of Wolfenstein though! Anyway this was definitely a surprise, this movie comes from the director who did Son Of A Gun which I’m actually quite impressed, I seriously thought this was going to be one of those horror movies that feels like a reject and the studio is just releasing in November for no reason. But this was actually quite great, the action scenes are pretty gory which is great to see given that you really don’t see a lot of war horror movies anymore which is very disappointing. The movie also has some decent acting, some decent writing and some really fun moments that get you into the movie. The movie does take a bit to get going and I do feel like some people are going to be completely disappointed with this movie because of how the movie uses the zombie element, but the movie is just so much fun and it really gets you into the movie that it really doesn’t matter. The movie does have it’s B movie moments as well as A movie moments which is actually quite interesting, not a lot of movies do that. Overall Overlord is a ton of fun, it’s one of those films that uses it’s premise really well and definitely is worth a watch!

7.7/10 B

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