Pokémon Detective Pikachu ★★★★½

Back when it was announced that a Pokémon live action movie was going to be made. I was very skeptical, seeing how a lot of other video game adaption movies absolutely failed, I had no idea how they were going to make Pokémon into something fantastic. I’ve been a Pokémon fan ever since I was a kid and I still play the games to this very day, when the trailer was first shown I was stunned it looked like it could actually be incredible and be the first video game movie to actually be a genuinely great film. Which my goodness did they do a fantastic job with this film, first off the CGI in this film is absolutely incredible. How they were able to pull off making the Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Psyduck, Mewtwo and a lot of others look realistic is incredible. The style of the movie is just fantastic it reminds me a lot of Blade Runner which is quite beautiful! The acting I have to say is surprisingly really great, I was not expecting the acting to be as good as it was, Justin Smith did a pretty great job in his role, but the absolute show stealer was Ryan Reynolds. The guy absolutely slays it, yes at times when I was listening to Ryan Reynolds inside of a Pikachu I did get a little bit of a Deadpool vibe but that is most certainly not a bad thing at all. Ryan Reynolds is just so energetic and so lively it was a genius casting choice that really made this film work. The action scenes were really well done and again were very energetic and brought a lot of life into the film. There were some issues, there were a few jokes that were a little questionable and I will say that the main character Tim could have had some more development. But outside of those issues I thought this movie did a fantastic job, it’s one of those movies where it’s tons of fun to watch but at the same time you can tell how much effort and passion went into making this film. For one thing the writers actually did their homework and took the source material and did something different with it. What I really liked about this movie is it doesn’t just have nostalgic stuff for old fans it has some brand new stuff and manages to balance the two out, which I really can’t think of many other movies that managed to do that as well as this movie did. Overall Detective Pikachu is a very strong start to what will most definitely be a franchise of films, a sequel is already in development and there’s a rumor that a Pokémon Red and Blue movie is being considered/made. I seriously can’t wait to see what’s in store next, please go out and see this one you won’t regret it! 

9/10 A