Room for Rent ★½

I’m not entirely sure what this movie was trying to accomplish, the only reason why I even bothered with this one was because of Lin Shaye and well she’s by far the best thing about this movie. Everyone else is really bad, the script is very laughable most of the time. The worst part about it is this movie tries desperately to take itself seriously, the editing was really amateurish and the ending wasn’t really anything special at all. The movie claims to be a horror/thriller I see it as a dark comedy because outside a few moments there really isn’t a lot of horror and thriller elements in the movie at all. It’s kind of a shame to because I was actually looking forward to watching this one, but at the same time I’m really not surprised on how it actually turned out. It’s not the worst movie out right now (at the time this was written) but it’s still a very terrible movie that’s ultimately worthless.

3/10 D-