See You Yesterday ★★½

After doing a little thinking I have to say the movie isn’t too bad, sure the execution could have been a lot better. But the movie does get some stuff right, the movie is what happens when you take The Hate U Give and Back To The Future and combine the two. The police brutality part of it is really well done, there were some powerful moments that will get you to feel for the characters. I do feel like the Back To The Future part could have been a bit better however, the acting is overall not too bad and the writing had some really solid moments. But I feel like ending came so abruptly that really kind of came out of nowhere. I understand what they were trying to go for with the ending but I’m not exactly sure if it really worked here. Overall it’s definitely not a bad movie, but it’s not something I think I will ever watch again anytime soon.

5/10 C