Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★★

I thought long and hard about this one (which is why it took me a few days to review it) but I feel confident in saying that this is one of the best films the MCU has to offer, as usual this is a NO SPOILER REVIEW so enjoy! So for starters let’s talk about characters, I feel like they did a much better job this time around. A lot of the characters in Homecoming while I did find some of them charming I didn’t find myself absolutely loving them or caring about them (besides Spider-Man course) but in this movie they heavily improved on that. They gave a lot of the characters like Ned and MJ a lot more spotlight and more time for the audience to care about the both of them. Now let’s talk about the villian, before seeing this movie I was very worried that they weren’t going to do Mysterio justice. He’s a very hard villian to get right and it would take a lot of effort to perfect it. I do love being proved wrong because they did a fantastic job with the character, casting Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio was a really smart move he really brought everything he had to the character and it was satisfying to watch. He had a lot of character development, he had a great motive and the quiet scenes with him are where a lot of great character development moments shine. The writing is some of the best of the MCU this is another movie that knows how to balance comedy and serious moments, plus the jokes are genuinely funny as well! I found myself laughing quite often it really reminded me of the first two Sam Rami Spider-Man movies they both had their humor and also serious moments. In fact a lot of this movie reminded me a lot of the first two Sam Rami films (which are some of my favorite films of all time) it really felt like was watching those films again which is something I’ve been waiting for a long time. Tom Holland improves even more as Spider-Man and really shows how much effort he puts into his role, the character development scenes with him are also fantastic. They really dive into his character and really bring out so much character, the action scenes are really well done, the direction is spot! Overall Spider-Man Far From Home is fantastic, it’s everything you want in a Spider-Man film it’s humorous, it has a ton of character development, it has tons of serious moments and it’s beautiful start to the new era of the MCU give this film a watch!!

10/10 A+

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