The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch ½

The fact this came from the exact same director who directed Brooklyn is just really scary, I’m not going to lie I was actually excited for this movie when the first trailer came out. I did lose interest when the reviews came out and said “it was another Collateral Beauty and Life Itself” which are two movies I just absolutely hated. I finally watched this movie and good god this is worse than I thought....first off the acting from everyone is terrible Ansel Elgort is about as interesting as a mannequin which is just baffling, Sarah Paulson feels way too cartoony which doesn’t fit what the movie is trying to go for (I use trying very loosely.) The writing is completely garbage a lot of it feels like the movie is just spiting out gibberish that makes absolutely no sense, the pacing oh my god the pacing....I complain about terrible pacing in a lot of other movies but here is an example of horrendous pacing, it’s way too slow for no reason at all other than to completely lose the viewer’s interest. Speaking of which here’s a huge question I have....why the hell was this movie 2 hours and 28 minutes long? You could have easily cut 40-50 minutes of this movie and it would not had made a huge difference, lastly there’s the editing....whoever was in charge of editing clearly didn’t do their job because this is some of the worst editing I’ve seen in quite sometime it’s so bad it rivals Taken 3’s editing. Yes that’s how atrocious it really gets, back to the running time for a brief moment while it is true I do complain about running times in some reviews, I do it because a movie shouldn’t have to feel so darn long, take Avengers Endgame for example that movie didn’t feel like it’s long running time it felt incredibly short because of how much it engages with the audience. It’s the same case with Doctor Sleep that didn’t feel anywhere near it’s running time either. The Goldfinch you feel every excruciating minute that passes by...

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