The Hustle

With every actual good comedy (Long Shot) there’s a unfunny, annoying and uninspired comedy such as this movie. First off Rebel Wilson’s time is up, she hasn’t been funny ever since the first Pitch Perfect. The humor is the exact same thing as always with her, it’s either falling over because she’s fat or it’s just fat jokes because she’s fat. That is called lazy writing and just downright insulting the viewers intelligence, self reflecting jokes are perfectly fine but abusing them over and over again gets extremely old fast. As for Anne Hathaway whoever her agent is needs to be fired immediately she hasn’t had a good role since Colossal, in this movie she for whatever reason switches between three or four different accents and manages to completely butcher all of them. It’s absolutely appalling to listen to and will quickly get on your nerves, to be absolute fair however Hathaway herself said she had one week to prepare for the British accent and the only reason why she had to do a Australian accent was because Rebel Wilson had one. The writing was quite honestly some of the worst I’ve heard so far this year, it was unimaginative, flat out horrendous and just the lowest common denominator, I will give the movie this...the filming was fine enough and the acting from everyone else wasn’t as bad as Rebel Wilson’s and Anne Hathaway’s but that is not saying much at all. Overall The Hustle is garbage, if you are thinking of going out to see a comedy please do yourself a huge favor and see Long Shot instead. This movie is outclassed but Long Shot in every single way possible.

1/10 F