Tolkien ★★½

My biggest question after this movie was “how do you take someone as huge as J.R.R. Tolkien and manage to make a very below average biopic about him? Like this was basically gift wrapped to the studio saying “there is no possible way you could make this below average.” But sadly that’s what it essentially is, I will give credit the acting is pretty decent Nicholas Hoult definitely tries his very best with a script that lets face it is not very good at all. I thought the filming was pretty decent and I do feel the last act was definitely the best part of the film. As for the rest of the movie, it’s so below average and incredibly uninteresting which is really sad because I wanted to be interested this is about the man who wrote The Lord Of The Rings books, the movie really frustrated me to no end. The writing could have been a lot stronger, I was honestly surprised of how bland the writing was. Overall there really isn’t much else to say about Tolkien, it’s a movie that came and went...sure it’s a harmless movie that isn’t necessarily horrible but it’s not something I would ever recommend to someone.

5/10 C