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  • Los Muertos

    Los Muertos


    Well this was disturbing ☺️ Note to self when I get out of jail:

    1. Buy a loaf of bread
    ..and a sausage

    2. Fuck a bad bitch

    3. Buy a shirt for my 12 year old daughter.

    4. Show nature who’s boss.

    5. Realize that my 12 yr old daughter is not actually 12 and im a granddaddy.

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers


    Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while ☺️ So this time around I decided and give the Searchers a watch because a lot of people have been recommending it and gosh darn it! unfortunately I’m a little disappointed to be quite honest even tho the cinematography is quite impressive (I’ll get to that later). I can’t believe people love a movie that is blatantly racist and glorifies a bigot. The writing I hated, and the acting is actually good! John…

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  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch


    Hey everybody! 😀😀It has been a crazy year and it just keeps getting crazier... (more on that later...) I thought it would be good to shake things up and instead of a traditional review for one of the most underrated films of the last decade, I would instead provide an in-depth analysis on it... and what better movie to pick than SUCKER PUNCH directed by misunderstood director Zach Snyder who directed other movies that are also misunderstood. I wasn't a…

  • Flight



    My older bro used to drink mouthwash, perfume, cologne and cough syrup. Crazy fucker right there. Had an uncle who drank wd 40. No surprise when he wound up a hollow carcass on the side of the road. Shit's crazy. Had a grandma tell us step by step instructions on how to drink aerosol hair spray. I've never been that low before but goddamn that's some shit.

    Also had a buddy who's drinking buddy puked puked up his thunderbird. Poor fuck scooped up his vomit and ate it saying ''it's mine, i paid for it.”