This is how we are going to do this

I am going to log this show as seen every time I watch a new episode and in each entry I will put my thoughts of each episode. I'll rate each episode out of 10 and the combined score at the end will be the final score for the show. I'll also do a final entry that encompasses my thoughts of the show as a whole.

Episode 1

The real stand-out of the episode was the score by Dan Romer. Its incorporation helped set the tone for several of the scenes and helped to really draw me into the show. Jonah Hill does an outstanding job here, and I thought that Emma Stone and Billy Magnussen did alright. I'm also a fan of the camera-work and the framing. So far, I'd say that Maniac is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty meets A Beautiful Mind as envisioned by 1980s Ridley Scott. There is intrigue, though I feel like for a first episode it feels a bit incomplete.

The best analogy I can think of is that Maniac is beginning to piece the borders of its jigsaw puzzle, however by the end of the first episode, it doesn't feel like the edges are even complete. The episode was particularly short, and it'll be interesting to see if there are aspects of the second episode that could be put here to help facilitate the flow.

It has my attention though.


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