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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Palm Springs
  • Ratatouille

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  • The Lost City


  • Moon Knight

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


  • Doctor Strange


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  • The Rescue

    The Rescue


    This truthfully is one of the greatest representations of humankind being good to one another. Like this is a video I would use in a short list of evidence in the defense to our potential alien overlords/conquerers for us not being rendered extinct. 

    I remember the story when it was on the news, but I did not fully understand the monumental cluster the situation really was…

    A must see documentary. 

    Documentaries & docu-series I’d recommend

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Do you remember how you felt the first time you ever watched The Fellowship of the Ring? 

    Ok, good.

    This is the darkest and (atmospherically) moodiest live action Batman that has ever been put on screen. 

    This is emphatically the strongest live action iteration of Batman being “The World’s Greatest Detective”. 

    I’m not yet confident in saying that Robert Pattinson is the greatest Batman or even the greatest Bruce Wayne…but what I can say with confidence is this: 

    IF the…

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  • The Lost City

    The Lost City


    Adding being in a hammock with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum to my fantasy wish list. 

    This was as moderately funny and endearing as one would expect from a Sandra Bullock movie these days. Ironically ALMOST the same plot as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. 

    Surprisingly loved Daniel Radcliffe in this role, please do more like this. 

    All in all though, a solid stream with Paramount Plus. 

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    movies where someone…

  • Moon Knight

    Moon Knight

    Truthfully, one of the most interesting shows the MCU has produced and it will be a shame if they don’t reconsider a season 2, or incorporate them into the movies soon. 

    Oscar Issac is f**king incredible. 
    Ethan Hawke is diabolically sensational.
    May Calamawy is great. 
    F. Murray Abraham is wonderful. 

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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Wes Anderson is certainly a contender in the nebulous conversation of “who is the greatest filmmaker of all time?”

    There is NO ONE whose work has a 100% track record of being immediately recognizable. Sure he has influences but he has a style completely his own. 

    This is a stop motion animation movie about dogs and Japanese people. A large portion of the humans dialogue is intentionally not given subtitles or in character English translation...yet from start to finish it’s…

  • WandaVision


    I really don’t understand the policy of TV shows on here. I get limited series, but this isn’t going to be limited it’ll probably at least have a season 2, will Letterboxd take it down when season 2 is announced? So weird. 

    But seeing as how I haven’t watched a movie in 24 hours I’ll review the two episodes. lol...

    As a diehard MCU fan, I currently give this show an optimistic 80/100. 

    • Kathryn Hahn continues to be a…