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  • The Sinful Dwarf
  • Wild Things
  • Black Candles
  • The Brain

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  • Gaia


  • Burial Ground


  • Possessed II


  • 24 Hours to Midnight


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  • 24 Hours to Midnight

    24 Hours to Midnight


    A friend screened this on VHS for an audience of thirty people. I'll never forget the the sound of the whole auditorium reacting to this line: "Do you know how many people in the last 90 days have died in this city? 69."


    That's the kind of thrill you can expect with this notably bad yet entertaining action thriller.

  • Crash



    I screened this for a theater audience last night. Here's what a patron said after the movie:

    "That makes 'A Clockwork Orange' look like a Pixar movie."


Popular reviews

  • Eyeball



    Umberto Lenzi might’ve been the goofiest of all the Italian B-movie mavericks. He dabbled in every genre cycle, reliably replicating the standard forms of narrative and style with some technical competence. Yet, as he went for excess and intensity he simultaneously induced laughter, likely unintentionally. This placed him at a lower quality level than directors like Sergio Martino and Lucio Fulci, but it made him enjoyable nonetheless.

    “Eyeball” is no deviation. It’s a familiar type of giallo and by its…

  • Corruption



    Robert Hartford-Davis’s “Corruption” gets a lot of hate. Women can be forgiven for seeing the featured poster and believing the movie isn’t for them, because it says so. Some men take offense at protagonist, played by Peter Cushing, because of the lengths he goes to fulfill his adulterous lover’s vanity.

    To some extent, these naysayers have it right. Insofar as “Corruption” has anything to say about women, it’s not trying to flatter the egos of gendered identities and virtues. Cushing’s…