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  • Corruption



    Robert Hartford-Davis’s “Corruption” gets a lot of hate. Women can be forgiven for seeing the featured poster and believing the movie isn’t for them, because it says so. Some men take offense at the cuckolded protagonist, played by Peter Cushing, because of the lengths he goes to fulfill his adulterous lover’s vanity.

    To some extent, these naysayers have it right. Insofar as “Corruption” has anything to say about women, it’s not trying to flatter the egos of gendered identities and…

  • Female Convict 101: Suck

    Female Convict 101: Suck


    “Female Prisoner 101: Suck,” as it is known by the US label Impulse Pictures, will seem at first like a typical Japanese women-in-prison film that exploited the popularity of the “Female Prisoner Scorpion” series in the 1970s. With Naomi Tani in top billing, audiences might’ve expected more of her iconic rope bondage scenes and torture performances. The director, Kôyû Ohara, was a maker of many pink tragedies, the kind that indicted men yet relied on them as an audience. Based…

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  • Eyeball



    Umberto Lenzi might’ve been the goofiest of all the Italian B-movie mavericks. He dabbled in every genre cycle, reliably replicating the standard forms of narrative and style with some technical competence. Yet, as he went for excess and intensity he simultaneously induced laughter, likely unintentionally. This placed him at a lower quality level than directors like Sergio Martino and Lucio Fulci, but it made him enjoyable nonetheless.

    “Eyeball” is no deviation. It’s a familiar type of giallo and by its…

  • The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

    The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds


    This seems like the ultimate Something Weird movie: low budget, mostly poorly done, with scenes ranging from the stylish and exciting to the bizarre to bad then dull. It's lo-fi mania, a Southern nightmare like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just much less terrifying and oddly charming.

    What stood out the most was the masked yet nude blonde killer and her knifed kills. Lots of cuts and fast editing of bodies standing as if still in each shot yet wavering in space-time,…