Bride of Re-Animator ★★★

Definitely has the sequel syndrome: rehashed, uninspired, flat humor, and less heart (except the one on the operating table). But, as a rehash it does produce more of the things that made "Re-Animator" so great.

Brian Yuzna's direction is apparent, there's visual continuity from "Society" to this and even "Return of the Living Dead 3." It's not as assured nor classic like Stuart Gordon's style, but you get the stark angles and mild wavering that contributes to the zaniness. Screaming Mad George's effects designs are also wild and nasty, exhibiting the divergent morphology seen in "Society" but with tons of gore. KNB did great work with the effects too: lots of detail, everything is full and robust, not as thin and unbelievable as what was shown in "Society." Really, this movie is gory and nasty. Everything looks grotesque, and there's a lot of grotesqueries throughout the feature. That's pretty much the main selling point of the film: a variety of unique and disgusting bodies coming apart and coming together in astonishing ways. An effects reel fit into a passable narrative with familiar actors and themes from a much better film.

The pathos of Daniel Cain is the only notable emotional element. You get the sense of his despair, the tragedy of his new criminal (yet uncontroversially employed) and scientifically experimental life relative to romantic longings and the love he lost. He's a smart and handsome man with a great bod who can get really hot chicks but goddamn Herbert West treats every human like a new specimen and well everybody dies. All in the name of Science!