Eye in the Labyrinth ★★½

This giallo will have the most value to the gialloholic. It has some fine distinctions:

- A natural visual style that's different from the average giallo. It's earthen and toned down.
- A score that's heavily influenced by Miles Davis's experimental period that began in the late 1960s. It sounds like one of his double albums from the early '70s.
- A plot that builds toward a revelation, choosing the slow burn over murder set pieces.
- Incredibly over-mixed sound effects of churning stab wounds.
- Brief moments of labyrinthine imagery.
- A unique cast, plus Sybil Danning.

Alas, it's a bit too slow, the labyrinth is more metaphorical than visual, most of the acting is unremarkable, and the finale, despite its bloodshed, is the kind of twist we're all too familiar with at this point in movie history.

Still, the aficionado of murder thrillers Italian style should give this a glance to see how the genre can be differentiated by cast and crew.

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