The Friends of Eddie Coyle ★★★½

I want to like this more. Gritty crime flicks from the 1970s should always be appealing, but I feel like this isn't much better than many B-movie thrillers or poliziotteschi. It has a certain look, competent direction, and a slate of faces that a viewer can rely on. Yet, it doesn't add up to much for me. I don't think Robert Mitchum gave that good of a performance. His lines are long-winded and don't express much. Peter Boyle is mild, unremarkable as a gangster. Much of the dialog just doesn't pop.

But I liked Steven Keats, especially during his gun running scenes. The bank robberies are distinct and effective as well. The tactic of the robbers were new to me as a cinematic experience. Also, lots of groovy music.

It's not at all a bad movie, but I was expecting a bit more good.