Trip with the Teacher ★★½

A good movie—great cast and performances, filmmaking is competent, action is exciting, suspense is real—ruined by bad plotting, annoying behavior (the actors aren't annoying!), a character cast aside, and one incredibly unbelievable turn of event.

I'm usually harsh on audiences that tell the characters what to do while the movie plays. It's easy to think about the best decision to make when you're not in the moment. That's a common blindspot filmgoers have. But with this movie...I don't know. My instincts took over and all I did was look for opportunities to get away from the bikers. Nobody listened to me, haha! I could have saved them, I know it.

And what the fuck about Tina?! I don't know if the treatment of her character arc was meant to imply a strange cliffhanger by the end credits, or if the implication is much more horrific (and shockingly accusatory given the circumstances). Regardless, Tina, poor Tina. Jill Voight probably doesn't show this one to anybody.

Most of the reviews that discuss this film's good qualities have it right. But I found myself unwilling to suspend disbelief during major moments, and I kept thinking, "So many little bad decisions piling up right now. Sad!"

Worth a watch, definitely. But you might not like it overall!