Jesse_Wroe has written 184 reviews for films during 2017.

  • The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

    The Killing of a Chinese Bookie


    1978 cut

  • The American Friend

    The American Friend


    "...this will be painful in any language."

    International crime in a modernizing world. Stacked apartments replace houses. Modern buildings, large airports, trains and subways, docks and ports—travel and transit. Nothing is what it used to be, familiarity is fading. With age comes confusion. Speech isn't restricted to your mother tongue. You won't sing native songs. You may die a different person.

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane


    Too gimmicky, but the genre-mix up was worth the try.

  • Life



    3 for for genre junkies, 2 or 2.5 for everybody else. Drinking Game: Spot that sci-fi/horror reference. Good alien, good deaths, plenty of tension (even without surprises), and nihilism. But wait for home viewing, unless you can afford to go to the theater any time.