Jesse_Wroe has written 22 reviews for films during 2021.

  • Matador



    The opening credits sequence shows a man masturbating to scenes of violence from Mario Bava's BLOOD AND BLACK LACE and Jesús Franco's BLOODY MOON. What else needs to be said?

  • Savage Three

    Savage Three


    Italian Psychos.

  • The Cellar

    The Cellar


    Good Horror for 6 to 10 year olds.

  • Grave Secrets

    Grave Secrets


    Not bad, but not that good either. Barely middling? Regardless, you'll wish Darla was your personal assistant too.

  • Surf II

    Surf II


    Ofc the movie with the punchline "Guy's got more moves than a sharecropper" also has the comeback "Dead, man? This dude's worse than dead, he's been CANCELLED!"

    Oddly pertinent for a cult movie comeback in 2021, but in all the wrong ways.

  • Horrors of Spider Island

    Horrors of Spider Island


    Spider Gary.

  • Nightmare in Badham County

    Nightmare in Badham County


    I haven't yelled "KILL THE PIG!" more during a movie than this one.

    Best "Women in Prison" film ever.

  • Sleepless



    You'd think a 21st Century giallo comeback by Dario Argento would be worthwhile, but then you'd have to remember the kind of filmmaker he had become and the rapid decline that followed.

    It's Argento's TV movie with brutal kills and nothing else. Every quintessentially "giallic" ingredient manifests in uninspired form. The whole thing lacks the little redeemable bits of his lesser, yet watchable, films: insanity (The Stendhal Syndrome), a little class and craft (Opera), absurdity (The Mother of Tears), and…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Not bad! It's a genre film that dabbles in "the discourse," but in a darkly comical manner. However, it's incredibly on the nose, more than a movie should be. It's like an Ayn Rand novel that doesn't roll my eyes. As it traffics tropes—nothing fundamentally wrong about that—in service of ideas, it lacks drama and suspense.

    But I did appreciate that it contextualized what appear to be REAL quotes—for example, the title seems like an obvious reference to a statement…

  • Primitives



    A faithful knock-off of Italian cannibal movies that feels more "mondo" and sequential when the violence and barbarity take hold of the narrative. Fortunately, it has that familiar East Asian genre film touch: physics and reality defying action sequences. Most memorably, a boomerang stone club. I want one.

  • Hitcher in the Dark

    Hitcher in the Dark


    I wonder, how many Italian-made Americanized genre films feature people in RVs watching the CAVEMAN-exploiter GRUNT (1983)?

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night

    Silent Night, Deadly Night


    As a resident of Utah, this checks out.