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  • Boxing Helena

    Boxing Helena


    "Well, that sounds kind of terrible." - Jennifer Lynch

  • Inside



    I can't believe that was Laura Harring.

    This is THE VANISHING of horror remakes.

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

    Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2


    A sequel that recycles the previous film for most of the first forty minutes can't get a good score.

    But Eric Freeman's performance as Ricky Chapman is what makes this mostly bad horror comedy worthwhile. He's ridiculous.

  • Austin Powers in Goldmember

    Austin Powers in Goldmember


    Wow, much worse than I remember. The first Fook Mi/Fook Yu scene was more shocking than the roughies I've been watching.

  • First Desires

    First Desires


    "Hmm, this is cheesy...

    Works with the nice soft focus...

    Kinda creepy...

    Not bad camera work, look at the weather...

    Did David the director yell, 'Young beauties, let your blooming sexuality look good for the camera!'

    Maybe I'm just too American...

    This is very hetero, but there's some gender parity here and there...

    Oh, how conveniently naked...

    I know you're trying to be sincere about this, David, but...

    Well, this is kinda sex positive and open, everybody 'seems' comfortable...


  • Slaughter Hotel

    Slaughter Hotel


    Dull and dumb. Apart from several hot actresses and a couple exquisite butt shots, this barely entertains. Not even it's absurdity is enjoyable.

  • Wind from the East

    Wind from the East


    Ideological training by a cheap, self-reflexive art film, basically. (Will Arrow Academy be responsible for a new generation of Marxist-Leninists? Let's hope not.)

    It's exemplary of a style of Marxist thought in a period of socialist discourse that's valuable to the scholar of political history and ideas. The concise presentation of Marxist assertions allows the scholar in the audience to learn quite a bit of rhetoric and analysis in a shorter time than they would slogging through dense texts that…

  • Zeitgeist



    Has energy, the story is intense, but much of it is very wrong. Makes criticism of the Federal Reserve look bad and undermines the extent to which terrorists would want to attack the United States.

  • Ma mère

    Ma mère


    When you court controversy but you're just boring.

    There's a slice of the film involving the character Hansi, which improves the experience: the actress, Emma de Caunes, makes her the best part of the movie. There's a funny internal monologue about her ass, how it makes the son realize he never really believed in God. Most of the movie is a contrived portrayal of bourgeois unhappiness leading to an olympics of hedonism. There's nothing to hail—ironic, because that's a point…

  • Some Kind of Beautiful

    Some Kind of Beautiful


    Who was this movie made for? It feels like a generic rom-com, the kind that’s marketed to women, but it’s tale is from a Male Gaze. Is it a noble subversion of a commercially “genderfied” genre? Not at all. So what is it?

    It’s a bizarre attempt at multiculturalism. Each character represents a national identity, the kind that takes too much pride in territorial origins. These “archetypes” are pitted against one another, confronting the stereotypes each have about the other.…

  • Butterfly



    Weird shit, not dramatic at all. I'd have to rewatch it to get a better idea of what the heck it is, but I don't think I'll do that without friends and drugs by my side.

  • Scooby-Doo



    Horrible. Very surprised I watched this.