Jesse_Wroe has written 2 reviews for films rated during 2019.

  • Cats


    Walked out after Ian McKellan's first song. Roughly forty-minutes in, which came after thirty minutes of trailers, for the likes of Walmart, Target, and Disney Plus. By the time I realized that Judy Dench and McKellan wouldn't save the movie, the drugs had worn off and my camp- and trash-adoring gaze found nothing redeemable about this new CATS, apart from some production merits. It's a failure, plain and simple.

    I woke up my sleeping sister, resting on the extended recliner,…

  • The Undertaker

    The Undertaker

    83 minute cut, which isn't very good. I've read that the newest cut, distributed on blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome, is much better.