Jesse_Wroe has written 10 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2019.

  • Bone Tomahawk

    Bone Tomahawk


    I was surprised to see that of all the movies I've posted about watching on Facebook, BONE TOMAHAWK has been the most popular (comments, "likes", etc.). A movie everybody had seen and I hadn't, apparently.

    So...I liked it.

    I really want to call it a Western, almost strictly, because the form and story are from that genre. The long road trip. That chunk of the film is imperfect, but not bad. It works as a proper setup for what follows,…

  • Bondage Ecstasy

    Bondage Ecstasy


    Do you like your Japanese gay pornos to have references to Franz Kafka, insect pov shots, dream sequences, absurd facial expressions, ropes and hot wax, music that'd work in a B&W silent film, and frequent humor that spans from lighthearted and charming to sexual innuendoes and puns to tastelessness? Duh!

    Though it's probably too rough for the normies, it is likely to be hilarious to everybody else. Unlike some reviewers, I don't think it is quite as rough and tough…

  • The Witches

    The Witches


    The mould is familiar, but the filling keeps it exciting.

    Great acting by Joan Fontaine and Kay Walsh. Nice and steady direction by Cyril Frankel. The finale is pretty cool too—another fever-pitched ritual showdown for the cinematic record.

    Pairs well with THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW, and not just for the shared appearance of actress Michele Dotrice.

  • Blood Harvest

    Blood Harvest


    Here's a fun slasher film that was filmed mostly in Lincoln County, Wisconsin.

    Some horror nerds like to associate it with other Wisconsin-based regional slashers, like BLOOD BEAT and BLOOD HOOK—a BLOOD "trilogy" of sorts.

    The main selling point has been the performance by Tiny Tim, the singer and musician famous for cover songs, playing ukulele, and a humorous falsetto voice. BLOOD HARVEST was his only starring role in a film. He milks his persona as an eccentric weirdo named…

  • Soldier of Orange

    Soldier of Orange


    RIP Rutger Hauer. To commemorate that wonderful man, I finally watched this movie, which has been on my watchlist for too long.

    This film gives the case for why Paul Verhoeven was suitable for Hollywood. It’s adult popcorn entertainment. It’s an historical war film told in long form, full of bawdy behavior and violence. Yet, it’s accessible, humorous, and not too dreary for the subject matter. It has the visual distinction of Verhoeven and late 1970s cinema as well: the…

  • Demonoid: Messenger of Death

    Demonoid: Messenger of Death


    I'm sure this is a cliché by now, but it's true...

    You didn't get the feature length version of Ash's animated severed hand from EVIL DEAD 2. Here it is, but it's not a Sam Raimi film. A more conventional B horror film, but competently made and effective.

    The hand is like Tolkien's ring of power. When the hand touches you, becomes you, your true self clashes with this invasive self. Makes you mad, violent, and inevitably suicidal. For nobody wants the hand for too long!

    And what an ending!



  • Strip Nude for Your Killer

    Strip Nude for Your Killer


    Story has it that this is a trashy jam, right? After the genre's boom in the mid 1970s, sexploitation was added to keep it profitable, ya?

    Well, I think it's a touch more elegant than that.

    It may be a sleazy giallo that does little to distinguish the plot, setting, and most events. Yet, in its latest HD state, courtesy of Arrow Video, "cheap" becomes "modest." Berto Pisano's music material adds, as it tended to in many Italian exploitation films…

  • Vortex



    A congressman is murdered for accepting "campaign donations" from a rival defense contractor. A private detective, played by Lydia Lunch, is hired to pin the murder on the paranoid weapons developer who assigned the hit. Her investigation leads her to his right hand man, an influential jack of all trades who takes care of the old man's affairs—and has a reputation of unhampered degeneracy. Tension builds from all the passion and greed among all the suspects. Will our PI get…

  • Pleasure Kill

    Pleasure Kill


    I do love the English title. Something about “Kill” and its variants always work for me.

    It’s probably obvious—“Pleasure Kill” is something extreme. The tagline makes it clear: “Witness the birth of Splatterape!” That last word does remind me of my younger, immature self, when over-the-top facetiousness was the best my wit could offer. Now, I can feel reasonably disgusted about it, which means I must watch the movie.

    It’s about a young medical student who wants to test a…

  • Corruption



    Robert Hartford-Davis’s “Corruption” gets a lot of hate. Women can be forgiven for seeing the featured poster and believing the movie isn’t for them, because it says so. Some men take offense at the cuckolded protagonist, played by Peter Cushing, because of the lengths he goes to fulfill his adulterous lover’s vanity.

    To some extent, these naysayers have it right. Insofar as “Corruption” has anything to say about women, it’s not trying to flatter the egos of gendered identities and…