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  • Dial: Help

    Dial: Help


    Don't hang up! This is one of the more tolerable silly Italian horror features from the commercialized late '80s. Flimsy connections, loose ends, startlingly sightless behavior, and a lame duck ending are over come by piecemeal set pieces, enjoyable absurdities, the lustrous appearance of actress Charlotte Lewis, and the usual style as substance of Italo Horror. I especially like the dynamic of rustic rooftops and old architecture with urban vogue. Logic may be on hold indefinitely, but that might add to the entertainment.

    Include it in a conference call with other telephone terrors, like PARTY LINE and MURDER BY PHONE.

  • Obsession



    Thriller filler made by distinctive talents.

  • Desperately Seeking Susan

    Desperately Seeking Susan


    This one did not get into the groove. There's a notable lack of excitement to all of it. Which is too bad, because the performances were good and the cinematography was nice. The lighting was wonderfully colorful. Rosanna Arquette and Madonna were real cute too.

  • The Sister of Ursula

    The Sister of Ursula


    A giallo, but in the mode of Jesús Franco.

    The gialli of Andrea Bianchi and Mario Landi—e, e, e—aren't all that come to mind.

    "Female Vampire" appeared here and there. Franco's spotlight might've lit the white rocks and walls of the rich resort. It's so bright, nobody could miss a bottle of J&B.

    It has the sex filler and phallocentric violence we want from this brand of Eurosleaze. Ursula's insanity, often accompanied by a grandiose and bittersweet score, does the…

  • We Are Still Here

    We Are Still Here


    A haunted house film, through and through. If you're hard for that genre, give it a go. It is newer and it does its own thing with familiar tropes.

    It has a bit more splatter. The ghosts look very cool. The cast is primarily middle age and older, which is rare these days.

    WE ARE STILL HERE does pay home to Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND throughout the movie. If you like WE ARE STILL HERE and haven't seen THE BEYOND…

  • The Nest

    The Nest


    High quality filler.

  • Teenage Seductress

    Teenage Seductress


    "I'm gonna fuck you, father. Like you fucked me."

    There's a jaw-dropper of a line!

    Sondra Currie was in her late-twenties when she played Terry Nelson in this film. And she looks about that ago too. So we get this title, doubtless the result of exploitation marketing.

    Despite the premise, the story is surprisingly low on sleaze. Instead, we get decent acting (especially by director/co-writer/producer Chris Warfield as the Father), reckless deceit by the protagonist, and a respectable take on…

  • Kuso



    Steven Ellison of Flying Lotus gives filmmaking a try. I can binge on the FL discography; it's a thing of it's own. So, how was KUSO?

    For most of the run time, it's a wild, humorous, and disgusting ride of dystopian body horror, varied filmmaking and animation styles, and anthology-styled storytelling that feels like the channel-surfing narrative of a Ford & Lopatin album or a vaporwave YouTube mix filtered through the resin-stained glass of a seasoned bong. It relishes the grotesque.…

  • Grave of the Vampire

    Grave of the Vampire


    Weird, dark and serious, even a bit hysterical at times. A notable oddity. Likely to please crowds.

    The most affecting part of the film, however, is the depiction of character James Eastman, the adult son born in the grave of the vampire, interacting with women. He doesn't respond in a conventionally masculine way, despite his incredible muscularity—he smashes through a door. I found it relatable.

    Director John Hayes has a strange career. This wouldn't be so odd in a double feature alongside BABY ROSEMARY, a "horror" porno he directed later in the 1970s.

  • I Love You, Man

    I Love You, Man



  • Human Experiments

    Human Experiments


    I'm not interested in outlining many details about this movie, nor delving into the protagonist's role in depth. I'd rather make a sales pitch about how we should watch a movie like "Human Experiments."

    “Video Nasties” are subjects of government censorship, not a category of movies conceived in the minds of horror and exploitation fans. We should ignore the label, unless we’re engaged in historical and cultural analysis. Otherwise, we may frame our expectations on the criteria of prudish, squeamish,…

  • The Horror of Party Beach

    The Horror of Party Beach


    An older, cheaper, and rock 'n roll lovin' version of "Humanoids from the Deep," humanized with a side plot of marital dysfunction and love. I liked the dark and creepy music and the wonderfully slow and tedious mutation scene.

    A fun and frivolous blast from the past.