Jesse_Wroe has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2021.

  • Horrors of Spider Island

    Horrors of Spider Island


    Spider Gary.

  • Hitcher in the Dark

    Hitcher in the Dark


    I wonder, how many Italian-made Americanized genre films feature people in RVs watching the CAVEMAN-exploiter GRUNT (1983)?

  • Last Gasp

    Last Gasp


    Need watchable filler? This isn't a bad one-time viewing. The peaks aren't very high compared to the troughs and it's too long, but it has appeal. It's a very standard DTV offering of its time, but as a multi-genre film it intersects with multiple 'markets,' like a typical murder mystery with amateur sleuthing, generic 1990s soft erotica, bloody and gory violent thriller, and mild supernatural horror. There were a lot of movies just like this from the '90s, when formerly…