Jesse_Wroe has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2021.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Not bad! It's a genre film that dabbles in "the discourse," but in a darkly comical manner. However, it's incredibly on the nose, more than a movie should be. It's like an Ayn Rand novel that doesn't roll my eyes. As it traffics tropes—nothing fundamentally wrong about that—in service of ideas, it lacks drama and suspense.

    But I did appreciate that it contextualized what appear to be REAL quotes—for example, the title seems like an obvious reference to a statement…

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night

    Silent Night, Deadly Night


    As a resident of Utah, this checks out.

  • The Nightcomers

    The Nightcomers


    Last tango in the countryside. Leave it to the English to make a quaint and charming tale of BDSM.

    Like a rustic THE WHIP AND THE BODY mixed with a contorted coming-of-age bent à la THE WASP FACTORY, or the dangerous child mimicry of Mario Azzopardi's DEADLINE.

    Naturally, I enjoyed it quite a bit. But it might strike some viewers as lacking the "necessary" darkness that tends to come with the subject matter. The tone is surprisingly palatable, given the content. An easier viewing for friends, you kinkers.

  • Variety



    A PLACE BEYOND SHAME, the Seka-starring porno from 1980, is the right poster-as-metaphor for this flick.

  • To Make a Killing

    To Make a Killing