Help Me

Help Me ★★★★½

I’m 100% very biased with this review, but I just want to say that Max has done something really beautiful by making this. Both through its final form and its creative process.
Its greatest strength is its beauty interwoven through the despair. The glimpses of stunning natural majesty and sweeping score undercut the melancholy and horror of watching Pat’s life fall apart.
Watching the project grow and shape itself from the havoc-wrecking, flippant script I read in a Starbucks lobby to the soaring devastating piece it is now has been so inspiring. As a creative, I feel encouraged to showcase my own struggles and strengths in my art. As a friend, I’m so inspired by the work that Max did to create this and to put himself in a place where he was healthy enough to honestly make this well.
Love to everyone who brought this to life, I’m proud of you all.

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