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  • The Vault

    The Vault


    aka From Dusk 'Til Yawn

    A dull crime movie transforms into a dull horror movie. Based on his performance, I think Franco was kidnapped and forced to be in this movie.

  • Todd Glass: Act Happy

    Todd Glass: Act Happy


    Years ago I got to see Todd live in a club and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen, but now that Todd is less comic and more mouth-blogger, large swaths of this special were a chore. There are several stretches where it stops being funny, and is just a guy talking. There are multiple cutaways to audience members with friendly smiles plastered on their face, not laughing.

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    Some of the most remarkable imagery I've ever seen, and I was antsy about an hour in. Fascinating and frustrating in equal measure. Jonathan Glazer is a genius, and I'll probably never see any of his films twice.

  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    aka "There's No Country for Young Men, Either...Unless You Rob Some Banks."

    It's churlish to compare this to one of the best American films of the last few decades, but this is a bit more mainstream and overt than NCFOM's sparse, surreal ambiguity. Still, this is a very good crime film, and despite its occasionally clumsy "BANKS SUUUUUUUCK" messaging, it's the best crime film of the year.

    I've never been a big Ben Foster fan. I always felt the strain in his beady-eyed intensity. For me, he's never been better as the older brother. Pine and Bridges are also terrific. Watch this!