Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou ★★★★

Roger Ebert:

"One of Godard's films, seen by itself, can be a frustrating and puzzling experience. But when you begin to get into his universe, when you've seen a lot of Godard, you find yourself liking him more and more. One day something clicks, and Godard comes together. And then, perhaps, you decide that if he is not the greatest living director he is certainly the most audacious, the most experimental, the one who understands best how movies work."

Every word above is correct, and damned if I hadn't slowly been getting Stockholm Syndrome with regard to Godard's work. It's frequently inscrutable and of-the-moment (a side effect of writing the script the night before you shoot), so some aspects are immediately dated, but the film's form is so strange and spellbinding as to be timeless.

I'd say this and Contempt are my favorites of Godard. This has been another episode of Popular Opinions I Arrived At 50 Years Too Late.