Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Mulholland Drive is a very special film to me. It always has been since the first time I saw it nearly 8 years ago. It was one of the first films to open my mind up to what cinema could be, and what I could do as a director. Almost all of David Lynch's films were important gateways for me, but Mulholland Drive still stands above the rest as my favorite Lynch film. I can still remember taking my DVD copy everywhere I'd go, in the hopes that I could get some friends to watch it with me. And anyone willing to watch most always got sucked into the world. Back then, we would laugh incessantly through the whole thing just at the weirdness of it all. No one I'd known at least had ever been exposed to something like this. And admittedly, none of us were really looking deeper into Mulholland Drive at first; we were just marveling at the images and sounds presented to us. And obviously, the mystery always had us invested. But each time I'd watch it, I'd discover more and more until eventually I thought, "Maybe this time I get it...". And I think for the most part, I do get it now. At least, I get how I personally understand the film. David Lynch has such an elegant way of getting into your mind and literally controlling it. Making you fully believe one thing to be true only to rip the rug up from underneath you and reveal the real truth, or not? Watching it again this time around, I was lucky enough to catch it in a theater for my 2nd time, which is quite the experience. It's probably the best way to see Mulholland Drive actually. It feels like a classic while watching it. There are so many of moments of pure movie magic and personal nostalgia that my eyes always well up in tears by the end. One new thing I can say after this viewing is that for the first time, I didn't really laugh much while watching it. This time the experience felt far more depressing knowing everything that happens through the film. Almost reminiscent of how I feel while watching Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but not so directly sad. Mulholland Drive is a film you don't know is so tragic until you start to put the pieces together. But hey, your pieces may be different from mine. And that's why we love Lynch right?

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