The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

hi everyone.

i haven’t posted anything on here about my potcast, THE CHRONIC CANON, in a while—but i figured i had to put it out there that we talked about our mack-daddy, our behemoth, our silent bull, THE IRISHMAN. this film is essentially the reason frank, brandon, and i  decided to start up this venture nearly a year ago; and now here we are. if it’s not evident to anyone who’s read my past reviews of THE IRISHMAN, this thing is a top 5, all-time classic. not just one of the best films of 2019, or the decade—but in the whole history of cinema. it’s marty doing what he does best, at the peak of his cinematic abilities.

we’d be greatly appreciative if anyone reading this gave the episode (or any episode for that matter) a listen. you can find it on spotify, apple, youtube, and even a few more streaming apps.

*warning: there will be spoilers, and us boys are VERY high as we discuss (that’s kind of the deal with the potcast—we smoke movies, and talk weed).

oh also, if you don’t like michael mann’s 1995 film HEAT—it’s probably best you don’t listen actually.

many thanks, love to all, it’s what it is ❤️.

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