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  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Carol
  • The Magnificent Ambersons
  • The Piano

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  • Nathan for You: Finding Frances


  • Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration

  • Ms. Marvel


  • Escape at Dannemora


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  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    I loved it! So, so fun! Truest MCU film to the comics to date. Praise Raimi for really going there with this one—he was absolutely the perfect director for this; absolute madness, indeed.

    Shockingly violent, often scary, and perfectly quirky, this is one of my favourite MCU experiences yet.

    Elizabeth Olsen deserves a Cannes-length standing ovation. A stellar performance filled with the right amount of camp. 

    Proud of myself for calling the character who appears mid-credits sequence many moons ago. Stuck to my guns and it’s here!

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point


    I had NO idea that this was a one-shot film! My mind is kind of blown by this; 92 minutes, one single take. This is so well executed by everyone—the actors, the cinematographer, the director… this is next level and I’m so very impressed. Such a stressful environment is built and having pitch perfect blocking makes this feel so natural. I felt every bit of stress from each of these characters and the handheld camera techniques really help you feel like you’re right there with them. This was exhilarating to watch, I need to see this again ASAP.

Popular reviews

  • Weekend



    Not since Lost in Translation or Before Sunset have I seen a more honest portrayal of a brief encounter between two strangers. Weekend is a simple film; a breath of fresh air that is charming and quite personal. It’s easily relatable — and not just for a gay viewer, but for anyone who’s had to deal with a similar situation — and it transcends sexual orientation to become a universal story of powerful human connection.

    I’m not sure if this…

  • High Life

    High Life


    TIFF 2018: FILM #6

    Watching Claire Denis get emotional while explaining her motivation behind this story at the post-screening Q&A today was the sweetest thing I've seen all festival.

    This film is mesmerizing - achingly beautiful, but made me feel as lonely and isolated as Pattinson's Monte. A lot of people have been extremely scandalized by the content and I honestly don't understand how - these are human desires, emotions, behaviours on display. It's a stunner.

    While I would classify…