The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter ★★★★

An excellent adaptation. If you are a woman who struggled with raising small children, you feel what Leda feels even without the film having to show you. It's an interesting trick that puts some viewers (like me) so directly in Leda's shoes as we watch another mother with her child that it can almost be too much.

I think readers of the novel have a slight edge since it is such an interior book and the movie makes you work to connect the dots a bit more, but it's beautifully done. It doesn't let Leda or Nina be pegged as a bad mother or a good mother, instead cracking open the mix of joy and monotony. Maybe I didn't notice in the book all the men who have left their children scattered through the story but I noticed it here, a perfect subtle touch. Colman is as great as everyone says, I don't think she is capable of being anything less.

What's removed made sense to remove though I did miss the extra layer that comes from the Nina in the novel coming from the same place and class that Leda did in the book.