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This review may contain spoilers.

Firstly, you will never find a movie with more beautiful, breathtaking music. Simply stunning. Even for non classical fans, it is captivating.

Despite its title, it is the story of Salieri, the composer who reveres and yet hates Mozart for his genius. He lives his life in the shadow of Mozarts superior talent, and is driven mad by it. He can't fathom why God blessed Mozart with superior talent, a man who is in no way as pious as himself, and it becomes his obsession. Even years after Mozarts death he is still enraptured with all that occurred, and consigns himself to his fate of being the self proclaimed "patron saint of mediocrity."

Three hours long, and worth every minute of it. Whether or not you love classical music, you can appreciate the (fictionalized) story of this real life genius. One of the best composers of all time, and a great movie about him.

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