Parasite ★★★★★

With an unpredictable plot, gorgeous cinematography and immense depth Bong Joon-ho has created an all-around success with Parasite. Initially I wasn't sure if I would really connect with its dismantling of class relationships and struggles but the level of intricacy that the film's themes have to offer is so complex and satisfying, the kind of story to prod at your mind long after the credits have rolled. The visuals are stunning and work very elegantly in conveying the many twists and turns throughout while also establishing a firm sense of setting and atmosphere. This effectiveness is also contributed through some sharp editing which both builds suspense and lets the film's darker components really sink in.

A couple of the plot points went in a different direction than I was expecting but honestly there are almost no flaws that come to mind. I'm worried that Parasite might be his magnum opus for now but I still look forward to exploring more of Joon-ho's work (the only other one I've seen is Mother). I also discovered that it's his birthday tomorrow so happy early birthday, dude! You just made one of the best movies of 2019!

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